Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been working on a new product called Name Tag Printer. Name Tag Printer enables you to print name tags for your event, at your event. This not only gives you professional looking name tags, but also real time event statistics. After a private testing period, trying out the app at various events, Name Tag Printer is now available for everyone as beta release!

Why Name Tag Printer?

There are a couple of reasons why I built Name Tag Printer.

Having organised (free) meetups and conferences in the past, I’ve learned that not everybody will show up at your event, that people will bring guests, transfer their tickets or just walk in. Many conferences that use name tags or badges will pre-print those before the event. But if you have no-shows, then printing things for people that won’t come is really a waste. On the other hand, not having printed name badges for others isn’t great either.

Another reason is reporting and real time statistics. Answering questions like “how many people do we have? Can we start the presentation?” or “how many people did attend, but didn’t sign up” should be super easy, as this is valuable information for any organiser. At any time you can export attendee data from Name Tag Printer to slice and dice it as you like.

Finally, Name Tag Printer lowers the barrier of entry to start providing name tags to your attendees. Even if your events are attended by regular visitors, you’d be surprised by how many people do not know each other’s names.

Leverage the event system you already use

Many organisers already use a system to manage their events. That’s why you can sign in with Eventbrite or Meetup to have your planned events kept in sync in the Name Tag Printer app.
Alternatively, you can login with email and import your attendee lists from within the app.

If you are using a different system to manage your event, please get in touch!

Affordable solution that scales

So printing name tags is great, but not if you have to invest $$$ in special hardware, like a badge printer. That’s why Name Tag Printer uses affordable hardware that you might already own. To use Name Tag Printer you’ll need:

  • an Android phone or tablet with the Name Tag Printer app installed,
  • a Dymo LabelWriter 450 series printer + labels to print on
  • an OTG-cable to connect your printer(s) to your device.

The Dymo LabelWriter retails for around $100, so it’s very affordable. It’s a thermal printer, meaning you never need to replace any ink. You can use “compatible” brand labels with these printers too to keep the cost down even further.

Labels you print can be directly used as name tags, or you can stick them onto a larger card for use with a lanyard. Or maybe you want to use non-sticky name tags for use with a name badge holder, it’s up to you.


Pricing for Name Tag Printer is a pay as you go model, where you get charged a credit when you print a name tag for your attendee only. If you are expecting 100 attendees for your event, you’d need 100 credits to check in and print name tags for all of your attendees. Reprinting a (corrected) name tag does not use any credits.

When you sign up, you can try it for free because every new user gets free credits. Check for actual pricing in the app!

What’s next?

The beta period will be used to fix issues, and further refine the Name Tag Printer app in various ways. I’m excited to hear your feedback and to learn how you use Name Tag Printer for your events!

Head on over to the Play Store to check out the Name Tag Printer app now! If you want to stay in the loop, head on over to to sign up for our (low-traffic) newsletter.