I’m proud to announce that my new Android app, drumbox, has been released!

Drumbox combines my love for music, playing drums, creating electronic music and Android into a single app. It’s a fun and powerful drum pad app that you can jam on and create sequencers with. Because drumbox is an actual synthesizer, all of it’s sounds are generated on the fly and can be modified in various ways to create new and unique sounds.

Check out the drumbox website for more info and demos.

Technology used for the app

Of course, drumbox is built as a modern Android app, using Jetpack Compose as the ui-toolkit. It’s not an understatement to say that creating custom ui components and adding animations is a lot easier with Compose, which helped me to realise this version of the app in a relatively short amount of time.

For the audio (dsp) part of drumbox, I used the excellent Faust language. Faust programs can compile down to many languages, and you can even write your own “architecture” to generate the type of code you need in your application. For drumbox I used faust2api to create an Android api of my dsp code, which I then further integrated into drumbox.

What’s next?

I had fun building the app and playing with it myself, and I already have some plans for upcoming versions. There are some addition dsp enhancements I have in mind so that even more versatile sounds can be created, but also other improvements such as support for tablets and additions to the sequencer.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about drumbox, checkout the drumbox website, or the Youtube demos playlist and follow me on Twitter for updates.