A new version Cupboard was released last week. For those that don’t know, Cupboard is a library to simplify working with SQLite, mapping objects to and from the database without getting in your way.

Full changes for this release are in the changelog.

The release mostly consists of bug fixes and one bigger change that I like to call out, which is the support for alternative SQLite ports, like SQLCipher. Shout out to Dylan Drost for proposing it!

Previously, a different sqlite implementation like SQLCipher required you to fork the Cupboard source and update all sqlite imports. In this version CupboardDatabase is introduced, which is a direct translation of the Android SQLite methods used by Cupboard. There’s a bugreport for a support-sqlite, but this particular change has been in the Cupboard repo for a while now so I figured it would be nice to release it before the end of 2016.

Work has also been done on Cupboard Tools. It’s now split up in modules, published on Maven Central and the group id has changed to nl.littlerobots.cupboard-tools. Cupboard Tools contains a content provider to get you started quickly and also has a sqlcipher and requery-sqlite module that implement CupboardDatabase for supporting those flavours of SQLite. The CupboardContentProvider has been updated to work with CupboardDatabase as well.

For questions on Cupboard and this release, feel free to reach out on the Cupboard Google+ community!